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16 Career Opportunities at Andrews Center

New Posting Therapist
Therapist will provide office psychotherapy and psycho-educational services to individuals, groups, and families.

Individual will provide routine case management services including assessment, recovery plan development, coordination, and monitoring of services, crisis intervention, and advocacy.

This position is based at Camp -V. Therapist will provide office psychotherapy and psycho-educational services to individuals, groups, and families.

The chief financial officer position is accountable for the financial management of the Center to include the development of a financial and operational strategy and report accurate financial results.

Provide training in daily living skills to adults with intellectual disabilities in a 24-hour residential program.

The ACT Case Manager delivers structured, intensive services to consumers who experience serious mental illness

The Same Day Service Mental Health Case Manager will be responsible for performing and coordinating the following for all five Counties

Individual will provide services to consumers with problems such as risk of harm to self or others, family/relationship difficulties, housing instability, unemployment, limited community involvement, limited understanding of illness, medication non-compliance, and limited independent living skills.

Staff will provide screening, intake evaluations and commitment screenings and community education.

Certified Medical Assistant responsible for assisting the health care provider. Work is performed under the direction of the physician and RN Program Director as part of a health care team.

HCC Housing specialist will help consumers in connecting to safe and affordable housing, while providing needed skills to maintain housing

Certified Family Partner is part of the HOPE treatment/recovery team. They provide support and advocate for the consumer and family to assist in engagement, empowerment, self-advocacy and wellness as they actively participate in the recovery of the family.

If you are wanting to volunteer for the Andrews Center, please select this position.

Will perform highly advanced complex psychiatric work in an out-patient mental health clinic.

This application is for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral-level students seeking placement for internship with the Andrews Center.