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17 Career Opportunities at Andrews Center

Division Director will oversee all Mental Health Case Management services including Adult, Children, ACT, Supported Housing and YES Waiver Services.

New Posting Crisis Coordinator
< 1 Month Ago
This position will provide supervision of the Mobile Crisis Team/Program and the In House Crisis Program.

< 1 Month Ago
The position is responsible for assessing, diagnosing, providing treatment plans, and prescribing medication therapy.

New Posting Behavior Technician
< 1 Month Ago
Person will work with a classroom treatment team at the Autism Day Treatment Learning Center.

Prepares patient charts. Collects necessary information for inclusion into patient chart

A service coordinator assists each consumer, along with the Program Provider, in accessing medical, social, educational and other appropriate services and supports that will help that individual achieve a quality of life and community participation that is acceptable to the individual.

6 Months Ago

Assist individuals receiving treatment to be able to better integrate into their communities and lead productive lives.

8 Months Ago
Care Coordinator responsible for assisting the health care provider. Work is performed under the direction of the physician and RN Program Director as part of a health care team.

The main purpose of a Service Coordinator is to support and assist people with intellectual disabilities in achieving their personal goals.

11 Months Ago
transporting to various activities using personal vehicle, formal and informal training, relevant documentation concerning individual training and therapies, HCS wavered services and responding to emergencies.

11 Months Ago
Responsible for client training, supervision and evaluation duties.

Prepares patients for various types of examinations and procedures; includes appropriate draping and gowning of patients. Assists with physical examinations and various specialized procedures.

2 Years Ago
The BCBA develops individualized ABA treatment programs for each assigned student based on behavioral assessment.

5 Years Ago
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